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24 hour race in Oldenzaal

Published on 13 January 2020 20:54, edited on 14 January 2020 15:09 (1345 times viewed) 0Comments

On the occasion of his 50th birthday, Jan Kranczoch is organizing a special recumbent cycling event where perseverance is decisive.

As previously announced in Assen and elsewhere, there will be an HPV weekend on the occasion of Jan's 50th birthday. The location is the cycling track of the OWC, Oldenzaal, in the recreation area wielerbaan van de OWC, Oldenzaal, in het recreatiegebied Het Hulsbeek, Bornsedijk, near parking P4.

For German go to this site.

Wielerbaan van de OWC, Oldenzaal

The cycling track of the OWC, Oldenzaal

This event takes place on May 22 and 23, 2020 (just after ascension).

  • The 24 hour attempt (of course you can drive as long as you want);
  • een 6 uur race in de avonduren van 22 mei;
  • a 6 hour race in the evening hours of May 22;
  • timekeeping by Gerard Arends.

A provisional schedule is attached (see below).

Please note that the 2.3 km circuit is, as a training course for racing bikes, not completely flat. There are approximately 7 height meters per lap (the slope is about the same as that of an overpass). Because the circuit has some sharp turns, the track is not suitable for record attempts.

Helmets are obliged! Although the course is lit, you still need to have your own lights on in low visibility.
Only recumbent bicycles, trikes, velomobiles and rowing bicycles etc. may participate. Cycling bikes may only participate in special cases and after consultation with Jan.

Register via the agenda (this race is supported by the NVHPV).
Registration with is required, but that does not have to be a problem, membership of the NVHPV is not required.
This helps us keep track of who would like to participate. Questions can of course be put directly to Jan, e-mailmail[/email] or by telephone (+49 176 21 22 59 54).

Overnight stay
Camping is possible. Campers and caravans are not allowed in the parking lot at night, or may not be used for overnight stays - this was unfortunately the subject of the permit.

We are also looking for volunteers who can instruct newcomers, hand out food, etc. If you want to help, please contact Jan.

So - it would be very nice to meet you there and drive a 'bit'! Please spread the word and distribute it to potential interested parties.

Thank you & greetings!


Schema 24 uur race Oldenzaal 1

Schedule 24 hour race in Oldenzaal 1

Schema 24 uur race Oldenzaal 2

Schedule 24 hour race in Oldenzaal 2


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