Cycle Vision 2018

Cycle Vision 2018 is a weekend full of activities organized for and by recumbent cyclists. These 'recumbent summer games' offer races for both competitive riders as well as those who just participate for the fun of it. Spectators can watch riders at the start/finish and follow live race results on their mobile phones. There is a second hand market with test-track. Bikes on offer can be judged by a professional bike mechanic, who will list repairs needed to get the bike in good working order. There is a keynote lecture on Saturday evening and a workshop on velomobile repair. Catering is provided in the form of organized picknicks. And there is a hilarious city-simulation-race for all, with traffic signs and attributes painted by children. Do you want to experience it all, then stay overnight in a tent on the grass besides the velodrome.

Time and place of the event: June 15-17 2018 at the cycling circuit and velodrome in Amsterdam-Sloten.

We have created diverse programs for the various target audiences.

For racers
Race schedule, with new race types that are explained here.

For visitors
Visitor program, or go directly to 2nd hand market, to the velomobiel repair workshop, to the city-simulation-race or to the Saturday evening lecture.

For children
Kids schedule, on Saturday they paint attributes for the city-simulation-race, and on Sunday they participate in it themselves. 2.0

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