Race rules 2018


The racing committee encourages all riders to wear a helmet. Inside the velodrome this is mandatory.

Eliminiation race

This race is meant to measure the maximum performance of the participants, in an orderly fashion. There are two front-runners, who ride laps with increasing speed: 30, 34, 38, 42, 46, 50, 54 km/h, followed by a free round for those who remain. If you cannot keep up, then complete your lap until the finish line and then leave the track. Stay where you are until the race is finished. Your fastest lap determines your ranking for this race.

- it is forbidden to pass the two front runners, except in the last free round.
- the free round is announced by sounding the bell at the start/finish, so this means: go for it!
- the fastest lap determines the final ranking for each rider.
- riders who cannot keep up with the speed determined by the front-runners should leave the track shortly after they cross the start/finish line.

Note: it is adviced to not 'take it easy' during this race, since you might end up in a weak team and get a bad overall ranking.

Team formation

Team formation is done by the race committee. The goal is to formulate pairs of teams that have approximately equal strength. This is done on the basis of the fastest lap in the elimination race. For example, team 1A could consist of ranks 1,3,6,8 and team 1B by ranks 2,4,5,7.

- teams consist of 3 or 4 riders. We need this flexibility to make sure we can fit everybody in a team.
- the race committee can make its own judgement in composing the teams, for example if a rider had mechanical issues during the elimination race, we can estimate his/her speed.
- bikes of all categories ride together, we only look at the achieved speed. There can be one exception, if two groups of 3 or 4 riders register themselves beforehand to compete against each other.
- the strongest teams get numbers 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B, etc.
The weaker teams get numbers 11A, 11B, 12A, 12B etc. If your team number is larger than 10, then you participate in the first run in the two remaining races.

Relay race (estafette)

This race has two runs, first for team numbers larger than 10, then for the top teams with numbers less then 10.
Teams position themselves at designated areas besides the track. Teams with the letter 'A' stay on the LEFT, teams with the letter 'B' stay on the RIGHT. Teams of equal number (which means equal strength) stay next to each other.
The start is in the order of team number, with half-a-minute intervals.

- teams determine themselves who goes first, second, etc.
- in teams with 3 riders, the first rider takes care of both the 1st and the 4th lap. So after handing over the token to the next rider, the first rider stays with his team and becomes the 4th rider.
- the first rider of a team starts at the start/finish line, IN his/her bike, waiting for the GO sign.
- the next rider waits at the location where the team is positioned standing next to his bike until he receives the token from the previous rider. The token contains a transponder. When he has the token in his hands, he may enter his bike and GO!

Team pursuit

This race looks like a regular criterium, but is quite different! You have to make sure that the THIRD finisher in your team gets a good finish time, because that time is assigned to all team members. So you better stay together as a team, and wind-shelter your weakest rider. This race is also ridden in two runs, starting with team numbers larger than 10.

- the finish time of the 3rd rider in your team gets assigned to all team members.
- teams position themselves at the start in order of team numbers, with A-teams on the left and B-teams on the right.
- all teams within a run start at the same time.
- after 20 minutes the bell sounds to announce the final lap.

1-hour time trial

Riders arrive at the start and get the GO signal at 30 second (or so) intervals. Stayering is NOT allowed. The race ends when one hour has passed AND you are passing the finish line.

- stayering is not allowed, if you are not overtaking you must leave at least two bike lengths between you and other participants.
- we try to get you off the track when the hour has passed, but it is wise to keep track of the hour yourself just in case our attention is drawn by other things.

Fastest lap velodrome

Riders line up at the start and can start when the track is empty. You can ride four laps plus one to slow down. The first two rounds are to gain speed, the third lap is to climb to the high part of the track, so that you can gain extra speed in the fourth and final lap by descending down the the inner part of the track. Believe me, this is fun.

3- and 6-hourrace

Show off your speed when you are, for once, not hindered by traffic lights, crossings, twists and cars, on a rather wind-sheltered course. In this race riding near other competitors is allowed. The 3-hour race starts when the 6-hour race is halfway, 3-hour racers start at a designated start lane.

- overtaking on the right.
- there are two corners to the right in the trou can be passed on the right, also in those corners. 2.0

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