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About the Dutch Recumbent Association NVHPV

Become a member of the NVHPV and receive Ligfiets& six times a year!

Would you first like to discover it? Ask today for the information package.

The NVHPV is for everybody who has or wants to have something with recumbents. More publicity for recumbent riders, better connections and fun events. With the Recumbent-touring Association the NTFU (Dutch Tour Cycling Union) bike insurance is also included. For the NVHPV touring recumbent insurance you do subscribe separately, after you’ve become a member of the NVHPV (see below).


  • The annual organization of Europe's largest recumbent event: Cycle Vision;
  • Better infrastructure for all cyclists;
  • Publishing a magazine: Ligfiets&;
  • Information provision over the Internet:;
  • Organizing competitions, tours and technical days;
  • Distributing information packages;
  • Participation in fairs and information markets;
  • Own technical research;
  • Technical support to members;
  • Supporting various initiatives such as local tour clubs;
  • And a lot more

The association is affiliated to the World Human Powered Vehicle Association.

Join as a volunteer

Many activities of the association are performed by volunteers. This is done through several working groups. There is still a lot to do, so do you also want to make a difference? Sign up for more information on one of the board members.

Recumbent information package

The information package (Dutch) is for people who first wish to become acquainted, or surprise somebody. Of course it contains the latest issue of Ligfiets&, together with leaflets from recumbent manufacturers, clubs, tour information and general information about the recumbent. The package costs 8 Euros including shipping and can be requested via the online form.

Become a member, continue or terminate

If you join the NVHPV you will automatically receive the magazine Ligfiets& six times a year. This provides information on events, tours, record attempts, technical issues and experiences from cyclists.

Join the NVHPV and receive Ligfiets& six times a year
Attention! Even though the form is on the "", it is very topical. The rates are the same in 2011 as in 2007.

If you, despite the many benefits of becoming a member, do not want to be a member, then a simple email to treasurer is sufficient to terminate the membership this current year.

Recumbent-touring Association

As a subsidiary of the NVHPV there is the NVHPV recumbent-touring organization. This was established for recumbent riders who want to enjoy the benefits of NTFU. This has advantages in terms of touring (cheaper and sometimes a membership is required) and includes an insurance (see the conditions on the website NTFU).

For details, including on costs and registration NVHPV recumbent-touring organization.

Change of address

Address changes can also be passed on


The board ( ) includes:
Chairman Kees van Malssen -
Secretary Willem Piccér -
Treasurer Jan Limburg -
Promotion Ida Sabelis -
Competitions Hans Wessels -
Candidate board member Martin Heckman is not in this picture.

The board determines its overall policy of the association and carries it out. Starting point is the policy Menskracht Maakt Mobiel (Dutch). These meetings can be found in the calendar. You can sign up for a time to participate.

There is a common policy, but each component has one leading member of the board.
Volunteers and personnel policy, Technical and Scientific Committee, Infrastructure: Kees
Camping and tour committee: Willem
Cycle Vision: Jan
Competitions, infrastructure, Hans
Promotion, Ligfiets&: Ida

For ideas, complaints and other observations, please contact our communications officer:

Official documents
The Nederlandse Vereniging voor Human Powered Vehicles (Dutch Society for Human Powered Vehicles), NVHPV, was established November 10, 1984 with the purpose to promote the distribution and development of human powered vehicles, vessels and aircrafts.

The Statutes (4.5Mb - Dutch) of the association.
The Internal rules (Dutch) of the association.

People who are logged in on can also look at the board minutes.

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