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European Human Powered Vehicle Association

Published on 27 December 2019 23:04, edited on 14 January 2020 14:17 (1130 times viewed) 0Comments

Since a week the site of the European Human Powered Vehicle Association, EHPVA for short, has been online.

Thanks to the efforts of Simon Bailey, there is a website for the cooperation of all European recumbent clubs: European Human Powered Vehicle Association. From this new site there is a link to all recumbent club clubs that are currently known. It will also be possible to download the English-language EuSupino from this website. Thanks to the efforts of many, the second edition of EuSupino is even more extensive than last year's edition. The magazine can be downloaded and distributed for free.

In the latest Eusupino are stories from the various recumbent clubs. Within the most recent edition:

  • To share experiences, by Søren Flensted Möller, Denmark;
  • Journey to the North Capeby Alve Henricson from Sweden;
  • Racing in Räyskälä, by Theo Zweers, from the Dutch Ligfiets& 2019-3;
  • Recumbent activities in Finland, by Tero Linnanen, Finland;
  • Cycling makes people happy, by Alexey Ganshin, Ukraine;
  • Autumn tour to Alpe d’Huez, by Michael Ammann, Future Bike, in Infobul 210;
  • Everyday mobility, by Werner Klomp, Recumbent bike club Vorarlberg, Austria;
  • Literature recommendations, by Heike Bunte, HPV Germany;
  • The 24 hours of Shenington, by Marini of the Belgian HPV union;
  • On three wheels to Corfu, by Armin Ziegler, Future Bike Switzerland in Infobul 210;
  • Rohloff reborn, by Colin Wait in Laidback Cyclist, summer 2019;
  • Diversity on and along the race track, by Dieter Hannemann, Uli Bentlage and Jan Kranczoch in Infobul, periodical of the HPV Club, Germany;
  • Riding the velomobile to Rapperswil, by Benedikte Löhrer, Future Bike Switzerland;
  • Kyle’s 6 hour and 1 hour Record Attempts, by Kyle Lierich from Australia;
  • Construction Report Phantom Mini-T, by Tim Corbett from Australia;
  • Soup Dragon Episode 2, by Russell Bridge in Laidback Cyclist, summer 2019;
  • A Purposeful Semi-Recumbent Tandem Tour in Western Canada, by Peter and Serap Brown from Vancouver, Canada;
  • Recumbent activities in France in 2020, by Marc Lesourd of AFV, France;
  • Bram Moens 35 years in businessby Wilfred Brahm in the Dutch Ligfiets& 2019-3;
  • Miles Kingsbury’s first Quattro, by Bram Smit and Willem Jan Coster in Ligfiets& 2019-3;
  • ‘Recumbent back’, by Geoff Searle in Laidback Cyclist, summer 2019;
  • Velomobile and E-assist, by Jean-Bernard Jouannel;
  • Quattrovelo with crank motor, by Denis Bodennec;
  • Conversion to an electric recumbent bicycle, by Erwin Villiger, Future Bike, in Infobul;
  • European HPV Co-operation, Minutes of the Meeting of 27 April 2019, by Andreas Hertting, HPV Germany;
  • World championship 17–19 July 2020 in Amsterdam-Sloten, by Rembrandt Bakker, NVHPV.


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