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Published on 22 December 2018 00:00, edited on 22 December 2018 08:11 (2161 times viewed) 5Comments

EuSupino is a new digital recumbent magazine with articles translated into English from recumbent magazines from various Human-powered-vehicle (HPV) associations within Europe. Download this normal resolution (25 MB) or in low resolution (6 MB) beautifully designed Christmas gift in or in low resolution (6 MB) . Read more about "The making of" in the extensive article.

It all started on 10 March 2018 when the presidents of the HPV clubs of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands signed a letter of intent for cooperation.

The aim was to 'work on a process that could eventually lead to the creation of a European cooperation to promote the use of human-driven vehicles'. A simple goal, no further obligations. We have spoken, and dreamed, about exchanging articles from our journals, cooperation between countries in organizing activities and joint consultation on future World and European championships.

Earlier this year, during the World Championships for HPV in Deal (United Kingdom), a meeting was attended by representatives of HPV clubs from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland. We agreed that cooperation would benefit all European recumbents. We have made three agreements. There will be a joint agenda of HPV events, a joint magazine and we will meet next year at the Spezi in Germany.
Meeting in Deal

The idea for a joint journal is simple: little effort and no costs. We publish one or a few articles from each national journal. The biggest effort is translating in English, but Google Translate can provide good services. There are no ads, no costs for printing and sending, and especially no problems with financial matters related to this magazine.

In the Netherlands there is already a cross-border activity this year: the famous Oliebollentocht for velomobiles (28 December) crosses the border with Germany for the second time in its history.
And in 2019 there will be a collaboration between the German 'Race in the Park' and the Dutch 'Cycle Vision'. This merges two events that are otherwise held in close succession. Of course we hope that the whole is bigger than the parts.

A proposal for the name of this magazine is EuSupino. Download this
normal resolution (25 MB) or in low resolution (6 MB)
Eu stands for 'European' but is also Greek for 'good', as in euphoria.
Supino is Italian for the supine position (lying on your back). For some cyclists, the EU has the meaning of the European Union, but consider Eu as a reference to our continent.

I hope that this modest first edition can be the beginning of a wonderful tradition and that it will contribute to the sense of community of European recumbents.

Roel van Dijk, chairman of the NVHPV


Comments (5)


NVHPV :Hartelijk bedankt voor deze eerste aflevering van EU Supino met prachtige artikelen :-).Mensen hebben immers dezelfde interesses, creativiteit en sociale gevoelens over de grenzen heen.
Een prettige kerstmis en een prettig uiteinde uit Noorwegen van de HPV gemeenschap hier.

Martinius Berg " one world" on bicycles.

MartiniusBerg, 22 Dec 2018 10:58


We have the article above written in english too
merry christmas to everyone a wonderful 2019 enjoy this mag!

jack, 22 Dec 2018 19:07


I've just had a chance to quickly skim through this new magazine and I can only say "Wow!" This is a wonderful collaboration that is already paying off by creating wonderful content for the recumbent enthusiast all over the world. I am flattered to have my interview with Mike Burrows gracing the very first issue. I will do my best to promote your new effort on social media and on my Laidback Bike Report. Now, back to reading more about the Mochet in EuSupino...

garysolo, 22 Dec 2018 22:28


interesting information for reading, it's a pity,that did not mention annual recumbent meetings in Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic

Specbike, 30 Dec 2019 10:36


Hi Vladimir, this page is for the first EuSupino. As always, EuSupino also needs the information to ‘print’ it. Maybe it was there, where it went wrong.
The latest information is to be found here.

TeJayLigFts, 30 Dec 2019 12:52, modified at 30 Dec 2019 12:54 2.0

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