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Call for velomobile riders for an organised ride

Published on 28 January 2015 08:12, edited on 29 January 2015 08:12 (374 times viewed) 1Comments

We received a call..

Looking for Velomobil riders for “Cycle Velo City 2015” (Nantes, F)

De organisatie is dus in volle gang. Leuk een toertocht voor velomobielen dus met een duidelijke bestemming en mooi doel. Door het internationale karakter van de samenwerking valt te verwachten dat er deelnemers uit meerdere landen toe zullen stromen. Zodra inschrijving mogelijk is of er meer nieuws is brengen we jullie natuurlijk op de hoogte. Tot nu toe is vanuit de organisatie onderstaande tekst verspreid:


Velo City is the world’s biggest cycling conference with a participant’s number of 1500 delegates from all over the world each year. Velo City series exist for 25 years now and happen in different cities i.e.

2015 Nantes; 2016 Taipei City, 2017 Arnhem/Nijmegen and its organization is hosted by ECF (European Cyclists’ Federation This year Nantes in France will host Velo City from June, 2. -5. As you all might know the three recumbent clubs Future Bike (CH), NVHPV (NL) and HPV Germany are members of ECF. This year we submit together with French HPV seven papers for the conference. We think it’s important that we try to bring the topic “recumbents” closer to a broader (professional-) public. Hence Velo City will be a good option for that.


Even if 1500 delegates have a lot of cycling expertise and knowledge it’s clear from last Velo City in Vienna where HPV Germany and Future Bike CH already presented the topic “Velomobiles” that the issue “recumbents” have scant attention within this conference. It’s important that we make future related vehicles more common. Therefore we need attention (i.e. media) which we would have during a world biggest conference. Hence a Velomobil tour to Nantes is a unique possibility.


French HPV already organized riders which will head from 1st of June from Angers to Nantes. The idea is to be present on 2nd of June (conference opening) in Nantes. So, we are looking for someone or a group which will organize not only a suitable route to Angers but also a team which will involve as many riders as possible from Germany, NL, Belgium and France, Switzerland. A route could start i.e. region of Aachen (Germany) over Arnhem/Nijmegen( NL) further Belgium and France. From Aachen to Nantes it is a distance of about 850 km one way. Moreover camp grounds are another point which needs to be organized in advance.


What is now needed? A team (a person) which can manage not only to set up a web-page but also doing the collection of the different contributions and information from each country which will help to gather interested riders. Contents like description of the route, camp sides, riders, meeting points etc. must be delivered. Of course support from each country organization must be guaranteed come. For example Leonardi Datza from Germany mentioned that he could work out a route and leading the group from the region round Aachen heading towards Paris. But he wouldn’t able to do the whole bit up to Angers. From there someone else would be responsible. An ideal situation would be if two/three persons would be responsible for the whole organization. Daily stages should be/could be 150-180km.

Also people from Switzerland could be integrated over another option: route Basel-Nantes also round 800 km cycling along EUROVELO route 6 – mega-super-ideal for recumbents which would mean the integration of another group.

What else?

After the conference opening on 2nd June the tour will/should heading back to B, NL, Germany. Here again someone and/or a team should feel responsible to organize the tour plus suitable campgrounds.

There might be a chance that a Velomobil retailer from Germany might do a transport of Velomobiles back for those who haven’t the time talking longer holidays by van.

If someone is / if a group of people is interested don’t hesitate to contact:

Looking forward to hearing from you Heike Bunte for HPV Germany


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Een heel belangrijke gebeurtenis & interessante beurs waar ligfietsers de laatste keer (Wenen 2013) node gemist zijn. Deze keer eindelijk ook ligfietsers / Velomobielen, hoera! Jupp en ik doen mee; Jupp fietst de hele afstand en ik ga met een aanhangertje naar Angers, om dan mee te kunnen doen op 1 juni aan het laatste stukje. Mocht iemand mee willen met de auto (en dan wel zelf terugfietsen), laat het weten! Hartelijke groet, IDA

ISabelis, 03 Feb 2015 12:28 2.0

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