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Drymer takes over Sinner Bikes

Published on 07 July 2014 11:24, edited on 09 July 2014 13:16 (2563 times viewed) 5Comments

Last week Drymer from Stadskanaal has, after intensive talks with Li & Van Wieringen Attorneys, reached an agreement on the acquisition of the production and the sales of the trendy velomobiles and recumbent bikes from Sinner Bikes

This involves the models Sinner Mango and Comfort. Due to the lagging sales of the standard recumbents and the high development costs of the Mango, Sinner Bikes found themself in 'heavy weather'.
Since mid-2013 Sinner is located in the same building as Drymer. Discussions about merging the production and the associated synergy advances were already started. Sinner was formerly one of the shareholders of Drymer.
"We believe in these products," says Eric Vos, director of Drymer, "There are customers awaiting, who like to have the Sinner products".
Together with the employees of Drymer, Sinner and the previous owners from Sinner, Jan and Harma de Vries, the survival of this wonderful product from Groningen is guaranteed. We are pleased that, despite this difficult period, the employees will remain involved with Drymer for production, development and marketing activities.
Drymer will immediately start the production to deliver the first Mango's and Comforts before the summer. The combined expertise and experience in the Sinner products are now also used for Drymer.
With suppliers of specific parts, agreements will be made for further cooperation. "Of course", we do understand the disappointment of some suppliers, but the products have proved themselves in the market and the product will continue to exist as Drymer.
Drymer has a good insight into the production possibilities and market potential of the Sinner products, nationally and internationally. The demand for alternatives for cars is increasing. Through the combined expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we are capable to continue to develop new models in the future and "all's well that ends well", says Vos.

Drymer producten

Says the press release, dated July 8, 2014. Source is Li & Van Wieringen Advocaten.
Remark 7-8-2014: there are some changes, since yesterday!


Comments (5)


Dit is goed nieuws.

liegender_robert, 07 Jul 2014 12:54


"hoge ontwikkelkosten van de Mango" ? Ik dacht dat de Mango al jaren in min of meer gelijke uitvoering op de markt was?

rene, 08 Jul 2014 19:53


Wordt ook de Sinner racekap/tourkap straks nog gemaakt?

Belle, 09 Jul 2014 00:40


René: de eerste Sinner Mango's hadden een romp gemaakt door een andere fabrikant. Dat werd later een eigen fabricaat (m.a.w. in de begintijd mislukt er soms wat).

Belle: waarom zou dat niet gebeuren? Als het geld oplevert. Bovendien is het min of meer uitontwikkeld.

TeJayLigFts, 09 Jul 2014 12:45


Hoi Belle,

Een vriend van mij heeft afgelopen week zijn velomobielkap voor de strada alsnog mogen ontvangen.


Wilco, 11 Jul 2014 10:42 2.0

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