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Spezi news: Sunrider 2012

Published on 17 April 2012 13:17, edited on 18 April 2012 22:02 (3707 times viewed) 1Comments

Alligt replaces current type Sunrider

Alligt considers the Sunrider is more suitable with an electrical assist, but is also without this assist to obtain.

The new model of the Sunrider doesn't differ, at first glance, much from the previous model. Yet it is a totally new Sunrider.
The engine cover has grown to get an easier access to the crank set (and engine). In addition, the assembly or service hatch has increased too (at the size of the sub-frame). The chain is far better protected by the, removable, rear wheel cover, which it didn't had in the previous version. The 'manhole' in the opening hood is open at the rear. The entry opening is slightly narrowed. The weight of the Sunrider would be 10% lighter than the previous model!

Alligt uses, obviously, the same components as they produce themselves for the new Sunrider: the same spring struts from the Alleweder family as the A6/A7/A8. The same rear wheel fork family as in the A8. The same applies for the seat and the crank set.

Sunrider oud en nieuw

The different versions, illus. Theo Z

Between the front wheels is the aluminum sub-frame (the ground plate), which offers many possibilities for the future. A different suspension, steering or another engine, detach the sub-frame, accommodate the components on the sub-frame and build it back.
On the sub-frame is the suspension, steering gear, chain guide, steering lever holders and, optional, there is room for an electric engine in the chain line. Also an engine on the bottom bracket is possible (see the photos at Alligt). The engine is thus in the body (and therefore possibly somewhat noisier). In the 'old' Sunrider the engine sat in the hub of the rear wheel. At the Daum motor the tube is 45 mm lower than with an ordinary crank set, because the Daum engine is a little higher. The transmission would be more efficient, so it provides more miles per battery charge.

Because of the way the engine is placed in the body, there is also a possibility of placing gear hub in the rear wheel. The mid-drive is abandoned.

Also the wheels are more slanted (camber), relative to the current Sunrider, but for the track width this doesn't really matter. This will benefit the stability! The disc brakes are an option, by default there are drum brakes.

The seat can fold forward, allowing the luggage, above the rear wheel, becomes more accessible. The floor of this luggage compartment above the rear wheel is slightly lower.

The inner shell is now completely closed, so no luggage left and right of the seat anymore, and therefore it does not get wet from the wheels, steering rod openings, etc. The battery for lighting, and transmission, would be standing transverse behind the seat on the floor.

At the Spezi there are only two of these chassis to be seen. One with the Daum bottom bracket engine which is a fast bike (snelfiets), and one with a different engine from Akkurad for the "German moped" version. The complete Sunrider is expected this summer.

Source: Alligt, Kees Rookus and Sunrider drawings for own projects.
The drawings of the new Sunrider have sprung from the imagination of Theo Z, only the hull, fairing, comes from the 3D drawings that was made available by Alligt. The stickers, accessories and lighting, are also fictitious.


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Alligt heeft laten weten dat als alles meezit de nieuwste Sunrider te zien zal zijn op het Velomobile Seminar op 7 en 8 september in De Meerpaal in Dronten.

JosSluijsmans, 31 Aug 2012 14:11 2.0

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