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Alligt offers Sunrider-drawings for own projects

Published on 12 February 2012 21:20, edited on 17 April 2012 07:37 (2288 times viewed) 0Comments

It was already mentioned in my interview with Leo Visscher and Dietrich Lohmeyer: Alligt and Akkurad are revising the Sunrider completely.

As a result, the Sunrider will have a bigger engine hood in the front (works on cranks/bottom bracket) and a rear wheel hood (works on rear wheel/ derailleur) in the rear for a better access. The hatch will be smaller and hence more aerodynamic. Both in- and outside of the vehicle was revised, the technology and adjustability of the riding position has been improved. The daily use and maintenance were in the focus for improvement. But apart from that the manufacturing was to be improved for the producing company. Leo Visscher expects that the weight will be 10% less than before (yet 45kg). The old version of the Sunrider was built around 100 times and its assembly took very long. Alligt and Akkurad saw significant potential in this vehicle and thus purchased the rights for the Sunrider from Aerorider to further develop the model.


The sunrider can, but does not have to, be equipped with an electric motor. In the Netherlands, a version with assistance up to 25km/h (Pedelec) will be offered. In Germany, but also other countries a variant with an electric drive up to 45km/h will be available (exemplary approval certificate by the TÜV Cologne). Akkurad offers a warranty of two years: after 500 load cycles a minimum of 85% of the initial capacity will still be available.

Currently, an old version Sunrider with hub-motor can be tested at Akkurad. Alligt has a test-Sunrider without motor available (also old version). The recumbent shop Ligfietswinkel in Amsterdam will have a moped-version of the Sunrider, with electric drive up to 50km/h forthcoming. This electric drive will be available for approximately 3000 Euro on top of the base model.


For the first time in the history of Alligt, the main parts of the of the vehicle was completely digitised. The moulds are milled from them. Leo Visscher decided that these drawings, but also other drawings of recumbent specific parts which he produces, will be downloadable on his website ( for use by others. Offering these 3D-drawings, as Visscher put it, is based on an enlightened self-interest. He is hoping that if someone else develops a vehicle, he can use these drawings for his own development and will thus also buy the parts at Alligt. For the user of the drawings, the advantage would be that the Alligt-parts are comparably inexpensive, tested in practice and available in small or high numbers. A further advantage for Alligt could be that velomobile-enthusiasts could modify the drawings according to their wishes and could thus suggest changes to the manufacturer who could then, if convinced by the modification, make them come true in series production.

Alligt Parts

Of course there are some rules for the download and the use of these files. You can find them on

Leo Visscher suggested publishing a call for developments of new vehicles based on these drawings in the context of a contest. Rules, conditions and the Jury will be published on, and!


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