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Homebuilt tilting trike

Published on 27 October 2011 10:00, edited on 27 October 2011 10:21 (9535 times viewed) 1Comments

Beautiful! On the Icletta website we found this stunning home built trike.

The site of Icletta shows photo's and a partial description of the trike. It is constructed using frame parts from various brands, yet blended together in a trike with a character of its own.

Translated from the site: I would like to introduce to you my tilting trike. The design is technically complete and the first successful test rides have covered around 100 km. During the winter I will focus on the finishing touch. For the construction of the trike the foldable rear end comes from ICE. Inspiration for the tilting mechanism came from the Tieffflieger trike.
Also the design of Steintrikes has inspired me.
A big thank you to all companies that have been involved in planning and execution (welding and bending). 10-fold thanks to all people in my personal life, whom I bother with all my enthusiasm.

And now for the trike: The aim was to make a tilting trike. Key points were to create a foldable, ergonomic, consistent, and visually attractive design. I met these targets to my own satisfaction. The weight of 25.1 kg is not making me happy, but that was not included in the targets and did not receive any attention. But it is interesting to see the 25 kg limit was approached.
Despite the weight the trike is pretty fast.

About the geometry the following. At first I was afraid about the low center of gravity, since the range of tilting is limited. For a beginner it makes difficult riding on the trike. After the first 100 km I feel I have developped a sense of balance on the trike.
Tilting help and -correction make riding easier and I am very pleased with the riding characteristics.

Under the current design, the maximum tilt is 30°. Turning circle is 5.10 m. Further improvement of the design is possible, although I am not busy with that right now.

This trike folds faster than the ICE trikes, since you can fold the steering bar down using the tilting mechanism. Steering works through 2 handles (left and right) like you would ride a tank.

I considered direct steering and designed the trike in such a way that it would be easy to post-add. Although at stand still the steering feels a bit floppy, once you ride you don't notice that any more. At any movement and at any steering angle you can keep both hands on the steering handles. The steering is sensitive, but not nervous. More projects are in the planning."

According to the builder the total investment was around 3500 euro, although 500 euro is related to unused or replaced items, so the eventual costs are around 3000 euro.

Remarkable is that in the builders story Tripod bikes and Tripendo are not mentioned. And there are more tilting trikes, like fastfwd looking very much like no velo. Thee NoVelo is discussed at the Gentse liggers forum.[br]
The Fastfwd tilting trike is further developed into the Munzo TT, also applied as the rear end section of the Raptobike . The new combination goes under the name of Raptotrike.


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Vergeet vooral ook de Jouta XX niet!

Mooiiii is overigens een kwestie van smaak, gelukkig.

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