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Roll Over America

Published on 27 April 2011 23:23, edited on 28 April 2011 13:10 (883 times viewed) 0Comments

The trips for the summer are coming again. Surely, one of the special trips with velomobiles is in America, specifically Roll Over America, short ROAM. Hereby America is crossed from the west coast to the east coast by approximately 50 European and American riders including, so far, one Canadian rider.

The idea behind this was to get velomobiles in America better known. Each day trip takes an averages about 200 km to get across a distance of over 5000 km in 5 weeks, including resting days. The trips are not exactly flat, the Rocky and Appalachian Mountains are amongst them! So there should be lots of training in advance (see also the links).

The plan was launched last year by Josef Janning alias Jupp, and is now nearing its completion. There is sponsoring found for, a part of, the costs
The European velomobiles are shipping in a container and sent ahead by boat from the Sinner/Ligfietsgarage in Groningen.
On July 28 it will start in Portland (Oregon), to get to Washington (Columbia) on August 26. Two days before the start the riders are expected in Portland. The riders come by plane...
The routes are presented and discussed on the various forums on feasibility, campsites reserved, escort provided, the - local - press informed, posters and stickers are printed, T-shirts (first seen on April 30 at the Spezi)...
Velomobiles type are: Aerocruiser, Alleweder, Borealis, Glyde, Go-One, Leiba X-Stream, Mango, Pterovélo, Quest, Strada and home made.
Also there were a few meetings, also in the Netherlands.

Among the 26 European riders are the following nine Dutch (so far!)
Harry Lieben
Marcel Beekmans
Maarten Heckman
Rob Hebbes
Machiel Spruit
Johann Schouten
Bert van Vliet
Wilfred Ketelaar
Bram Smit
The remaining riders are 11 Germans, one Austrian and three English.


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