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Cycle chain made of plastic?

Published on 23 February 2011 14:54 (1170 times viewed) 0Comments

Frequently, new bike models are thrown onto the market and usually a promise is connected to these new models: they are lighter, better foldable, more comfortable, or whatever. Today, I saw a message on the blog of the Human Power Team Delft who aim to build and ride a recumbent bike at world record speed.

They found a sponsor who provides them with special plastic parts for the chain. This plastic, which will be used as chain-roller, is expected to reduce friction between the chain rollers and the sprockets.
I am eager to learn more about this issue. If it turns out that these plastic parts are endurable enough for every-day use, this could initiate a (r)evolution in bike-chain technology, as this plastic also seems to be a seventh in weight compared to steel. Imagine building the entire chain from plastic and keep in mind: less friction should also mean less abrasion and thus less maintenance.
A good example that even small inventions could be of huge technical influence.


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