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Spezi2011: Who is showing what? Part 1

Published on 22 February 2011 18:50, edited on 22 February 2011 18:50 (4767 times viewed) 1Comments

The Special Bikes Show, or Spezi (abbreviation for the German word Spezialradmesse), is the biggest and most important fair for the European recumbent scene. What started as an idea of a bike shop owner in Germersheim 15 years ago, now attracts visitors and exhibitors from all over the world. This years exhibitor with the farest travel is undoubtedly Tri-Sled from Australia. As in 2010, I sent a mail to the exhibitors of the 2011 Spezi to ask them about new products and items they will show which will open on 30th of April. This is the first of several articles based on this exercise.

I already got some answers. Let’s start with two firms which produce rather exotic bikes (even in the environment of recumbent producers): Thijs Industrial Designs, also known as

Rowingbike Thys 209 Carbon

Thys 209 Carbon and the D.E.T.T. GmbH which, guess it from their web-domain ( also produce rowingbikes. Derk Thijs told me by mail that the Thys 209 carbon and maybe also the Thys 222 Revolver (named after rotating gear ring) rowingbikes will be on the booth. He wrote that all booth materials will be brought to the show by two rowing bikers named Hanneke and Maarten and that the two of them will row to Vienna after the show. The 209 carbon is a further-development of the Thys 222 and reduces the weight of the bike from 15.5 - 16kg down to 11 - 11.5kg. While Derk’s rowingbikes are known for their driving system with linear foot and hand movements, the Ruder-Rad bikes, which have just recently entered the market, are designed differently. On the first view these bikes look like a 26/26 version of the Giant Revive scooter bike. But then you realise that the steering is not a foldable tiller but a rowing device. So usually, you will ride the bike as any other pedalled two-wheeler, but if you need or want additional power, you switch to the after-burner, ehm, you additionally row the bike. I am curious how easy coordinating the round pedalling and the linear rowing movements is.

Kinderen Transport Trike Fiets


Zigo will present a system consisting of a compact 20“ upright bike and a special bike trailer for children transportation, which can (as known from other child trailers) be used as bike trailer and buggy, jogger. Additionally, you can join the compact bike and the trailer to a trike thus transporting the kids in front of you.

Bike Flags


Andreas Seilinger the well-known recumbent dealer ( will for the first time present his very visible bike flags ( which he imports from the US-firm

Well known in the world of velomobiles are and which will have a combined booth, showing their Alleweders (Alleweder 6 with a 45 km/h Crystalyte-motor, Alleweder 4 with 45 km/h Akkurad-crank-motor and Alleweder 7 human powered). Akkurad have improved their chain-electro-assist and also show new hub e-motors which seem to be very strong and are delivered for wheel sizes 16“, 20“, 26“ and 28“. Dietrich Lohmeyer writes, even the 16“ version will assist you up to 25km/h.

Radikaldesign Solo Racer

Radicaldesign Kettwiesel Bag

Recumbent bag specialist will show their full range of recumbent bags, as well as the Cyclone bicycle trailers and the Wheelie walking trailer at the Spezi. New products are the Kettwiesel bag for the Hase Kettwiesel. A rear luggage solution, forming a unit with the seat, flat enough to use the parking position without undoing the bag. Then, the Solo Racer for mesh seats. It is said to be particularly useful for Catrike trikes, because so little other bags fit on those. Further, it fits most reclined mesh seats, like ICE, Hase, HP ErgoMesh and many American brands. Finally, the trike transport cover. This product takes little space in your luggage while cycling, but a folded trike completely fits into it.

Radikaldesign<br />

Radcaldesign Solo Racer


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Leuk idee, die kinderaanhanger die je als voorstuk kan gebruiken.

Maar toch krijg ik van de foto het idee dat het allemaal erg onveilig is. Vrolijk glimlachende moeder met helm en zelfs het kind in de kar met een helm...

Inderdaad een uitstekend visueel middel om mensen de fiets uit te jagen.

reinout, 23 Feb 2011 13:42 2.0

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