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Hase news at Spezi

Published on 30 April 2010 22:50, edited on 02 May 2010 10:17 (1822 times viewed) 0Comments

Well known recumbent maker Hase used Spezi to bring quite some news. A foldable Kettwiesel with Quick Stick release wheels and a foldable seat. And a great looking pannier with Hase logo with a perfect fit for the seat.

hase driewieler, trike, met quickstick naaf

Kettwiesel bikes are now produced with quick stick hubs that allow, together with a foldable seat make the bike compact to store.

All Kettwiesel trikes will be having the Quick Stick hubs. These allow for a very easy release, being locked with one bolt. The seat can be folded and together this makes the Kettwiesel a small, compact package. Very convenient when taking it with you on holiday or when you are short of storage space. For the latter the Hase already could be easily parked on its backside. As can be seen besides, the Greenspeed Anura knows the same trick.

greenspeed verticaal

The Greenspeed Anura can easily be parked standing up, just like the Hase trikes.

hase trike, driewieler quick stick wielbevestiging<br />

The quick stick connector is a Hase development, of which a detail is shown here. Hase demonstrates how to take a full spare wheel for a quick change when you have a flat tyre.

Hase joined forces with bike bag maker Ortlieb to make a specific Hase Luggage Bag. The bag with Hase logo is clicked on the seat. With a 42 liter volume there is ample storage space. When properly filled, the combined weight of bag and stuff lowers the center of gravity of the trike, making it even more stable in corners.
The design is in line with other Ortlieb Bike Bags as introduced
in 2008 at Cycle Vision.

hase luggage bag, 42 liter voor de kettwiesel past achterop de zitting

Hase luggage bag

More info on the Hase products on their website.


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