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Uwe Carstens youngest bike: The Slider

Published on 29 April 2010 19:32, edited on 29 April 2010 21:08 (1953 times viewed) 2Comments

Home Builder Uwe presents a new bike, the Slider. Uwes bikes have been covered in an earlier news item some time ago.

We met again with Uwe on the Spezi exhibition. He showed his new bike about which he writes:

The (near) linear propulsion uses sneks, just like the Thys rowing bikes. A tandem-hub with two freewheels (thanks Derk Thys) is used. Two 550 mm cranks are connected through head sets and alternating pull through a dyneema cable one of the sneks. A rear elastic band pulls the sneks back and alternates direction. A front elastic band compensates the pulling of the other elastic band.

Slider fiets uwe carstens zelfbouw fiets met lineaire aandrijving

The Slider just before start

The dyneema-cables are coupled to the cranks through moving gear operators. The gear operators redirect in the reverse flow a (Rohloff) twist commander with 4 cables up or down the gears. In the forward move, the gear operators connect to a toothbelt.

You can make big or small steps or use only one leg. During coasting you can stretch your legs and relax. No sound to be heard except for the rush of the tyres on the road and the wind around your head.

Varel, 28-04-2010, Uwe Carstens"

On you tube we have a bike demo.


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Wat een leuke fiets. Stil en onderhoudsarm en je kunt zelf bepalen hoe zo'n grote beweging je maakt.

twilwel, 29 Apr 2010 22:19


Dit is nou eens een ontwerper die niet alleen buiten de doos kan denken, maar ook nog eens in staat is om zijn ideeën heel netjes uit te voeren. Knap.

walter, 30 Apr 2010 14:16 2.0

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