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Challenge presents front suspension on Alizé trike

Published on 27 April 2010 14:17, edited on 27 April 2010 16:15 (5332 times viewed) 0Comments

During Spezi, recumbent manufacturer Challenge revealed the front suspension for the Alizé trike, which happens to be a development from some years ago. The already earlier developed suspension was taken into account when the front wheel arms were recently designed.

Base of the suspension is the degree-thesis of trainees at Challenge. The traineeship started in 2006, the thesis was completed in 2007.

De afstudeer scriptie van 2007 met de berekeningen, het ontwerp en de gegevens van de Challenge trike Alizé voorvering

Degree thesis with calculations and drawings

Early marketing research in trike country USA revealed that local dealers didn't see added value in 2006 for the front suspension. In Europe 2010 the situation is clearly different.

Challenge Alizé trike voorvering detail 2

Arm in detail

detail van de challenge Alizé trike voorvering, de driewieler kan geveerd worden uitgevoerd

Detail of wheel connections

On the image the resin front suspension can be seen. The design intends to create it in carbon. On this prototype the suspension action is clearly visible.

The principle behind this suspension is to maintain alignment and wheel position while in action. The blade shape optimises this. The designers fulfilled these requirements with the new Alizé suspension, which will be available in due time.


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