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Azub trikes, two new ones

Published on 26 April 2010 11:50, edited on 29 April 2010 00:59 (3026 times viewed) 0Comments

Azub had two trikes at the Spezi show last weekend. One was the production model of the three wheeler that they now produce. The other was a prototype of a foldable trike with rear suspension.

The normal trike has no suspension. This is a new bike that will be on the market shortly. The trike has been tested properly by a customer who travelled to Iceland and many other countries. More information and details on this trike are at the azub website

There also was a prototype as a new development. This bike folds and many parts can be made into smaller pieces, such as the seat. A complete procedure will take about 4 minutes. See youtube

azub trailer / koffer voor vouwbare trike driewieler

Special suitcase for the trike, all parts fit in and the suitcase can also be used as a bike trailer

detail vouwbare trike azub driewieler

Trike detail, the three wheeler can fold so that a small package remains

detail nieuwe trike, de nieuwe verstelling voor de zitting, straks standaard voor alle azub modellen

Another detail, the seat adjustment. This part is developed for this prototype and will be used with all other bikes if it gets the approval from the manufacturer

azub trike van opzij gezien, het frame vouwt dubbel, de achterbrug klapt weg

Looking at the bike in detail, it is some spaghetti of parts, but it is still very clear what belongs where

Azub trike die helemaal uit elkaar gehaalde en in elkaar gevouwen is

The complete trike in several small pieces

More information will follow we expect on


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