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Troytec City Speed TTF 2

Published on 26 April 2010 10:21, edited on 26 April 2010 20:02 (4221 times viewed) 0Comments

Troytec presented their new model on Spezi. The bike is a full suspension high racer with optional pedalec. Every rider should have one bike as a work of art the Troytec bike could be the ideal solution for that!

Troytec redesigned their website last week. The data on the new model will be on the site at the end of the week. We made some notes and pictures and can make an article already.

The maker has an impressive level of new models, we presented the links to Troytec that we made were found by lots of sites and the bike got a large level of buzz. But that was february and already there is a new development lined up for presentation.

The new model looks like the work of a great italian designer who works together with a german engineer. So the bikes have the best of both worlds. For the people who have seen the should realize that the bikes look beter in real life than in the pictures! All details and attention to make the bikes personal such as rider's names on the rear fork make the bikes a feast to look at.

Well technical details.... The full suspension can be adjusted to riders specifications, pressure and suspension behaviour can be influenced in every way. Suspension ways, as we noted are 50 mm in front and 70 mm in rear. Weight of the bike is 10.5 kilos. Suggested retail price in Germany will be starting from 4500 euros.

Seat height will be 50 centimetres. The makers suggested that this height would be ideal in populated areas and cities because the rider will be at eye level with car drivers.
Seat angle can be adjusted easily.

But the real surprise at this model is that the bike in the pictures is fitted with electric assist. The pedalec option adds some data to our previous story. It adds 800 euros to the price and 4,5 kilos on the weight.

The batteries that are needed for the electric assist are designed to look like water bottles

Troytec batterijen in drinkflesjes verstopt bedoeld voor electro ondersteuning

These water bottles are the batteries for the pedalec

The batteries are lithium mangan types and have 36 volt and 10 Ah of "juice" in them.

The motor fits in the rear wheel. With hard composite wheel covers fitted the motor cannot be seen. The wheel covers only weigh 160 grams. The motor produces 250 watt of extra power.

pedalec motor, electrische ondersteuning troytec ttf 2 city speed prototype

Top view of rear wheel, the motor for the electric assist can be seen there

The bike use two wheel sizes, 24 inch in front and 26 inch in the rear. All important parts are made of carbon.

The bike will go into production at the end of this year.

Of course the previous model is in working order, we decided to ask the producers for more information on ideas for the yearly races at Cycle Vision. The Troytec ladies seem like a good pit crew! And of course we did ask them to join in on the prize giving ceremony at the races. But the big question remains who will race the bikes. The producer could not give any names of racers, but we suggested the german champion Thomas Schott. This suggestion could not be confirmed, but negotiations are made with racers. We just have to wait and see perhaps.

troytec dames, pit crew

The Troytec pit crew girls

troytec stuur, detail

The steering wheel of the previous model


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