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Spezi show 25 years HPV Deutschland

Published on 26 April 2010 00:21, edited on 26 April 2010 16:50 (293 times viewed) 0Comments

At the Spezi (Spezialradmesse) there were festivities to celebrate the 25 years of HPV Germany. A special cheese was brought in from the Netherlands. In the following days more news will follow.

The german HPV movement is very good at "letters of friendship" that were transported with the Eustaff initiative through Europe by bike from one country to another. The dutch are not that good at letters of friendship and thought that a letter was not a good idea. You cannot eat a letter you see (except chocalate versions). So we decided on a big cheese.

The editor in chief travelled to Germany to visit Spezi and was authorised to speak on behalf of the dutch hpv board. This weekend there were some festivities and in general the Spezi fair was very interesting again.

There is a long list of links on Velomobil forum will help out people who did not attend. But there will be a lot of news items on our site also to give some stories behind the pictures.


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