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User name is personal

Published on 02 April 2010 15:00, edited on 03 April 2010 13:57 (383 times viewed) 0Comments

With the introduction of the new site there is also a change in the user agreement. One of the most important changes is the strict personal registration on the site.

There are several reasons why it is no longer allowed to share a user account (not even with family members). Firstly, terms and conditions are a binding commitment between the NVHPV and a natural person. Secondly, the extended comment options on the site and the possibility to subscribe to events provide a need to make clear such responses are coming from a person and not from a group of persons, a family or a company. All these comments are personal. Of course the NVHPV gives users the opportunity to select what information is shared with others and in which way.

You can change the information by - after log in - clicking on the avatar in the top-right corner.

In case of unclarity about this policy, please contat the webmaster.


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