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4014 kilometer in 282 uur

Published on 26 August 2009 00:00 (95 times viewed) 0Comments

Op recumbentblog kwamen we een indrukwekkend verhaal tegen over een monsterrit dwars door Australië.

Peter Heal set a new record for the unsupported ride from Perth to Sydney.
After an Audax ride in Perth he set off for the trip on his VeloKraft. He
completed the 4000+ km trip in 11 days 17 hours and 10 minutes. 2 days
faster than the previous record of 14 days set by Robert Seitz (fotos van deze rit staan hier)

The fasted
supported ride is 7d 8h 49m by Austrian RAAM Racer Gerhard Gulewicz in 2007 (met hier wat fotos).


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