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Race Weekend Cologne / Langenfeld /NVHPV zomercompetitie

Created on 08 January 2014 23:16 by arendsg , edited on 16 August 2014 22:59 by arendsg

Wedstrijd, Ecke Peter-Günther-Weg 50933 Köln/Aachenerstrasze, Saturday 06 September 2014.

The traditional races on the Albert-Richter Cyclodrome in Cologne will take place as usual along with the CappsSportCup "CSC gemeinsam rollt's" (rolling together) in Langenfeld. Deze wedstrijd telt mee voor de Nederlandse Competitie.

Dear community,

The races on the Albert-Richter Cyclodrom in Cologne will take place as usual one day before the CappsSportCup "CSC gemeinsam rollt's" (rolling together).
On Saturday, the 06. of Sept. we'd like to welcome you in Cologne,
on Sunday the 07. of Sept. we'll be racing again on a street-track in the nearby Langenfeld (about 15km from Cologne).
Staying overnight at the cyclodrome is possible.

Inschrijving via de site van de duitse organisatie. De aanmeld site is

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