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Policy plan committee
The policy plan committee is responsible for the policy of the NVHPV.

Cycle Vision
The Cycle Vision Committee organizes the annual event of the same name.

Infrastructure Committee

Anniversary committee
In the year 2009, the NVHPV exists 25 years, time for moment and think about it, with...?

KaToCo (Camping and Touring Committee)
The KaToCo (Easter and Autumn Meeting) is originated from the various regional touring clubs.

Ligfiets& The bimonthly periodical of the NVHPV, brimfull with news about recumbents and HPV initiatives.

Ligfiets.Net redaction
Editors of Ligfiets.Net. site Administration
The group of people who collectively make Ligfiets.Net came on air, remains, and always be renewed and improved.

Promotion Committee
The Promotion Committee of the NVHPV.

WeCo (Competition Committee)
The Competition Commission organizes the competitions of the NVHPV.

The NVHPV is affiliated with the World Human Powered Vehicle Association. 2.0

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Technique website