Contest rules

Highlights from the contest rules

Below are the most important parts of the contest rules. The complete rules can be found here. Read these rules carefully and make sure your bike and you comply.

  • Wearing an approved helmet (CE mark) is required. Homemade helmets are not allowed. In a bike with full fairing which also encloses the head, a soft shell helmet is allowed. During the contest, the helmet must be on your head.

  • Open recumbent must be equipped with a gear guard.

  • A mirror on glasses or helmet is only allowed if it does not protrude annoyingly (mirror on the handlebars is, of course, also allowed). [changed]

  • No protruding parts (i.e. a jack for towing a trailer must be removed).

  • In regard to the safety, cycle bags are only permitted if they are attached to the bike securely with no flapping flaps or other flapping parts have. [changed]

  • Only overtake on the right.

  • During the contest you are not allowed to throw away (drinks) or pick up anything (except during a stop at the pits).

  • Stopping (for example a sanitary stop) is only allowed in the pitstop.

  • If you ride a different bike than you have specified at registration you must report this to the contest management.

  • Your card with your participation number must be mounted on the right side of your bike. Open recumbents may also attach the card onto the front of the handlebars.

  • Upon arrival you will receive a transponder. Attach this well onto your bike. If you do not return the transponder at the end of the contest you will have to pay € 100. 2.0

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