Important announcements

Update June 24, 2014

The original routes contained many mistakes. Jan van Osch cycled the routes again and removed all the errors. The corrected GPX-tracks are available for download at the Toertochten Venray.

Update June 22, 2014

At Cycle Vision the best photos from the photo contest are shown there to admire. The NVHPV issued this contest at the start of this year. Also on Saturday, at 15:30 pm, the winner of the photo contest will be announced.

Update June 19, 2014

The website of Cycle Vision contains a map of the Cycle Vision site.

The Cycle Vision site

Update June 18, 2014

After ample reflection, the Cycle Vision Committee decided to ease somewhat the payment arrangement and the competition rules as follows:

  • Payment
    Foreigners, who are not able to pay electronically, can pay cash on the spot at the Cycle Vision at the registration desk (only, bring cash, because there is no way to pay electronically).
    However, one should send an e-mail to asap, in which you indicate the components one wishes to participate (which races, meals, camping), so that a note can be made at the registration desk for volunteers.

  • Mirror on a helmet or glasses
    Mirror on a helmet or glasses IS permitted, provided that it DOES NOT protrudes annoyingly. A mirror on the handlebars is, of course, also allowed.

  • Cycle bags
    Also cycle bags are, in retrospect, PERMITTED, provided they are properly secured on the bike (no loose or flapping parts).

  • You may not grab and/or throw away anything during the contest
    This article is maintained. Only during the pit stop things (drink/food) may be grabbed or thrown away.

  • Deadline Thursday, June 19 18:00

    Update June 14, 2014

  • The registration remains open until Thursday, June 19 18:00 houres. With this extension of the subscription period, we still hope to have more participants in the races and persuade more volunteers. SO, SIGN ON.
  • Access is free for members. However, in order to determine whether one is a member, the "Bon voor gratis toegang" (Voucher for free access) from the magazine Ligfiets& 2014-2, must be submitted.

  • Update 10 June 2014

  • During the Cycle Vision at Raceway Venray, you "cannot be pay with a cash card". So bring enough cash.
  • You can register up to 14 June.
  • Read the contest rules. The highlights are changed slightly (especially the helmet requirement for fully enclosed velomobile).
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