Cycle Vision 2014

Cycle Vision 2014

At the weekend of 28 and 29 June 2014 there will be a real Cycle Vision again. Two days long of recumbent races. Even for those who do not participate in the races, this weekend has a lot to offer. There is a bike tour through the beautiful Venray surroundings, there will be interesting lectures, also a market with great (bike) stuff and obviously a test track where you can try many different types of recumbents. The event takes place at the Raceway Venray, a 800-meter oval race track.

This article is up-to-date: 06-14-2014!


The definitive program has now been determined. A complete list of timetables can be found by clicking here. We had to relocate a bit towards the preliminary program to give the visitors the opportunity to attend as much activities as possible. The racing cyclists and kick bikers unfortunately failed us to fulfill our needs, but instead we have is a spectacular demonstration of skaters. Below is an clarification of the many interesting activities that this Cycle Vision has for you.

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The raceway Venray (source:

Clarification on the program


  • Devil’s race
    A knockout race behind a derny (motor-paced cycling)
  • 1 hour criterion for open recumbents and velomobiles
    Because of the security there are separate races for open recumbents and fast velomobiles
  • Fastest lap with standing start
  • 3 hour race open recumbents and velomobiles
  • Children’s race
  • Skate performance
    A fascinating demonstration of skaters
  • Qualifying competition for record bikes
    In this race to record bikes can qualify for the World Records at Lausitzring; this record weekend takes place in the second half of July. More information at

Click here for the full competition schedule with starting times for the various races.

IMPORTANT: If you take part in the races you're bike must meet a number of criteria. These are listed in the contest rules. Read them well and stick to the rules.

The Velotilt


  • The Velotilt from Wim Schermer
    [i]A futuristic velomobile which, as the word ‘tilt’ already says, can tilt, just like a two-wheeled bicycle

  • The Human Power Team from Delft & Amsterdam
    At September 2013 this team set the world speed record of 133.8 km/h. At this Cycle Vision these world speed record holders will tell how they go even faster with their new Velox IV, this year.
  • Mike Burrows
    This famous bike designer did put down an Olympic record with his innovative Lotus bike in 1992
  • Marcel Eijkelkamp
    Tells from his pilot study at the sports medical department of the Isalaklinieken (hospitals) in Zwolle, proving that racing cyclists just can deliver more power than recumbent bikers
  • Walter Hoogerbeets
    Walter is an enthusiastic bicycle traveler. He is known for his large journeys through Scandinavia, the Alps, and along the coasts of the Wadden Sea and Baltic Sea. En route he writes stories, reaching a growing audience. In this lecture, Walter tells about the adventure, the charm, and the art of traveling by bicycle. Come and listen to his vivacious stories and see pictures of the beautiful landscapes from where he cycled. Click at Walters website to get in the mood.

  • World Record attempt from the Cygnus team
    Jan van Steeg of the Cygnus team are trying to break the 12 hours record (taking place at night)
    Cygnus was one of the three Dutch teams who participated this summer at the World Speed Challenge in Nevada. There they reached a speed of 125 km/h. At this Cycle Vision the team appears with the brand new Cygnus Omega, which they have a shot for the world speed record in September. A unique opportunity to see this record machine in action. The Cygnus Omega is, b.t.w. not the only machine that appears on the track. Still two other speed demons, with their streamlined recumbents, challenges Jan Steeg.

Map of the Cycle Vision area

  • Bike exhibition and test track
    Try out a new recumbent
    [i]We have managed to invited many recumbent manufacturers to appear at this Cycle Vision. A unique chance to see a wide range of recumbent and to test them yourself.

  • Bicycle accessories
    It is not only a recumbent that matters. Also consider what Maxim sports supplements has to offer.

  • Click here for a list of the companies which are on the exhibition.

  • Tour in the beautiful surroundings of Venray
    On Saturday and Sunday you can, on the bike, view the beautiful surroundings of Venray. There is a outing planned of 35 km and 55 km. And this is not a race; the traveling speed is at a gentle pace. Also cyclists are welcome and do not need to fear that they will return breathless back at Raceway Venray. Click here for the route map and GPX track.

  • Camping
    There is a campsite equipped, in which the visitors can set up their tent on Friday from 14:00 am. Monday morning at 10:00 campsite must be cleared again. There are also showers.

  • Food and drink
    There is a cafeteria for drinks and snacks, and there is also a chip shop. Furthermore, for a reasonable fee there are breakfast (Saturday and Sunday) and hot meals (Saturday only) available (be sure to register in advance via the registration page).


Cycle Vision is not possible without volunteers. Will you help us with ticket sales/cashier ‘s – entrance control – parking attendants – surveillance at the site and camp site - guides at the access road – track officials at the races – jury members at the races – administrative staff at the races – race director – speaker at the event – roaming hostesses – inspectors for litter bins on the site – managing test track – building kiosks – technical jack-of-all-trades, then sign up on the registration page or send an email to Cycle Vision.


PLEASE NOTE: Registration for participation can until Thursday 19 June, 19:00. Sign up for races, camp site and lunches/meals can only in advance with this website Registration. Participation fees are:

  • Races: € 15 per participant
    lump sum for all races
  • Camp site: € 15 per participant
    lump sum regardless of the number of nights, kids up to 12 year: free
  • Visitors: € 5
    lump sum for every day, members of the Nederlandse Ligfietsvereniging (NVHPV), children up to year, and participants at the races: free
  • Lunches: € 6 per lunch
  • Hot meals: € 16 per meal

Raceway Venray route

Route to the location

The address of the Cycle Vision location is Raceway Venray, Peelweg 43, Venray / Ysselsteyn. Click for the route description at this link for Raceway Venray.

Contact organization

You can contact the organization at: Cycle Vision

The Cycle Vision pages are regularly updated with the current information. Watch these pages to stay tuned and note 28 and 29 June in your diary. 2.0

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