This information is outdated, we are working on 2013 info

Like every year, the volunteers make this event possible. Without them this would never be successful. We ask volunteers for shifts and various functions.

Important news for volunteers

We want to recruit for
-Friday: evening
-Saturday: morning, afternoon
-Sunday: morning, afternoon

with the categories:
-track surveillance
-competition organization
-competition secretariat
-campsite management
-rider quarters
-exhibition stand/information stand
-children’s corner
-children’s test track
-volunteers coordination

Catering and meals

This year it is not necessary to sign up for camping. But the intention for volunteers is, that by filling in the volunteer application, you do a preregistration for meals. Volunteers have a special rate, which is half price (14 Euros) for all meals in a half-day shift, and fully free meals if you participate the whole day. On Friday evening also a free meal is offered for those who participate.
So, for volunteers who are available all day get breakfast, lunch, dinner and get some free coupons to spend for snacks or drinks.
The volunteers will be, besides the coupons system, provided with coffee and tea.
In addition to the catering of coffee/tea and the coupons above, each volunteer will receive also the goody bag with shirt and other material.

Register as a volunteer

The registration is open, please visit this page.

For some functions there is a note below.
Each volunteer who participate for Cycle Vision gets a volunteer commitment fee, tea and coffee and of course a shirt.

Explanation of some tasks

Volunteer coordinator

The volunteer coordinator’s task is to receive incoming volunteers during a day part and introduce them to the various task coordinators. He or she is also the first contact person for general questions from the volunteers and keeps track of the people who can act as replacement.

Information stand

Although there is free access to Cycle Vision, it is still necessary to organize a obvious access. Firstly, to act as host and to give the visitors leaflets and information.


It requires a large group of people to run start and finish smoothly. This varies from collection or removal of transponders to line up the riders.

Time keeping

We work with our own timing equipment and computers. The results must be collected from this system and transferred in a readable form for result processing. Stress resistance, dexterity with computers and accuracy is required.

Results processing

The results of the time keeping must be processed into distinct lists and rankings. Stress resistance, dexterity with computers and accuracy is required.


The speakers will explain the competitions and make announcements of a more general nature. We work with wireless microphones.

Track surveillance

There are volunteers needed at various positions along the track, arrange the track surveillance from the own organization that the competitions take place safely. The track guards ensure that no spectators are on the track during the competitions and ensure the safety and adherence to the competition rules.

Volunteer at the test track

The test track for adults is this year organized by the exhibitors and therefore not De ligfietsspecialisten (the recumbent specialists). For the test track are no volunteers necessary.

Additional information

The starting point is that the event is made possible entirely by volunteers. The event is supported by the Ligfietsvereniging (Recumbent Association) NVHPV.

You can reach the organization by 2.0

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