If you come with children, do not forget to watch the tourist tips, combinations options and tips for visitors.

Child race Cyclevision

Furthermore we have this year a children’s race without a maximum age! The children’s race is super fun, and all children are going to be photographed. Everyone is always a winner and this year we also have a certificate of participation! Let your parents register in time, and you get a real race track number with your name on it.
Please note: children’s participation in the race is possible with any human-powered vehicle, so scooter, bicycle, etc. So, each child must wear a helmet!

Children's corner

There is also a children’s corner where children can do fun things with each other under the guidance of the organization. We also have, for the children there, some lemonade.
In the children’s corner are all kinds of materials present that kids can use to play together, or just tinkering, or reading.

Additional information

The starting point is that the event is made possible entirely by volunteers. The event is supported by the Ligfietsvereniging (Recumbent Association) NVHPV.

You can reach the organization by 2.0

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