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This information is outdated, we are working on 2013 info

There are no limits anymore, even campers and caravans can stand on a paved area. However, there is no electricity, water or wastewater drainage.
If you do not want to camp, as an alternative is Hotel Lelystad Airport.

This year is no advance registration required for camping. However, register and payment on the spot. There is room enough for everyone.
Cost: € 4 per person per night and € 2 per child per night.


Midland offers the possibility to eat in the restaurant. Meals are available on the spot.
The meals are no longer required to be consumed at a certain time. At any time of day, people can eat what they want. So, the dinner doesn’t start at 19.00 for everyone, or breakfast at 7.00. The catering at the race tower of Midland provides an all-day facility to consume something.

Volunteers receive their meals fully reimbursed if they commit themselves a day, and a compensation if they cooperate half a day. More information on the volunteer's page.

Additional information

The starting point is that the event is made possible entirely by volunteers. The event is supported by the Ligfietsvereniging (Recumbent Association) NVHPV.

You can reach the organization by

First the hotel, there is a hotel at a stone’s throw distance, hotel Lelystad Airport which undoubtedly has good facilities.

Midland Circuit

The Midland Circuit has two canteens, one with a capacity of 200 people, just after the main entrance on the left. This canteen is open during the weekend for breakfast and dinner.

Near the race control tower there is also a canteen which is always open during the events, with a capacity of about 60-70 people. There is a very fine small map with all kinds of sandwiches. Outside the canteen there will be a great snack car.
The small canteen is also the gathering point for the catering and coordination for the volunteers.
The Cycle Vision organization committee has hired a big truck with 10 showers and a couple of sinks. Toilets and showers are open day and night. The terrain itself: the gates will be closed between 23:00 to 6:00 hours, and are open only on request from the organization.

There is, this year, a lot of space on semi-paved area, so that caravans and camper visitors can choose from several options and may be standing near the track, or quietly among the trees at the back of the terrain.

Several dozens of tents can be placed at some lawn edges, and when they are a little closer to each other, as much as possible. People who come for several nights, well, Friday will be probably just right. For Saturday night, the center area of the Midland can be used. There camping/overnighting is permitted between 18:00 to 8:00 hours. After 8.00 o'clock the camping gear can be deposited at the camp management.

People who want lots of space, preferably electricity, etc. do have, of course, the camping site ’Het Oppertje’ in Lelystad (about 15 kilometers). 2.0

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