On the occasion of Thee in de Polder (Tea in the Polder) / Cycle Vision a geocoinrace is organized. In April there are 52 coins left behind in caches. Anyone who moves such a coin can win a prize. The more the coin has been moved, the greater your chance for a prize. See the calculation example for an explanation.


  1. There can only be raced with the 52 Cycle Vision coins, issued by the NVHPV.
  2. Everyone who moves a coin will have a (virtual) number of lottery tickets, which is equal to the square of the number of drops of the coin.
  3. Only one drop per geocaching account per coin is valid.
  4. Drops made until June 22, 2012 around 21:00 does count for the results.
  5. The prize draw will take place during the Thee in de Polder at June 23, 2012

Prize pool

    Each participant can win:
  • 5x adoption of a race coin
  • Regular Edition coin

Visitors to Thee in de Polder do also have a chance for:

  • 2x LE edition coin
  • 1x XLE edition coin
  • 1x Crew edition coin

Calculation example

You will increase your chances to win, if the coin is moved frequently. See the following calculation example:

Suppose you have three coins, each have been moved four times. Each participant will get 4x4=16 lots. There are 12 members (three coins, each with four who move the coins). A total of 12x16=192 lots. Each participant has 16/192x100% = 8.3% chance to win a prize.

If a coin is moved, then the persons, who did the move, do not get 16 but 5x5=25 lots. There are now a total of 2x4x16 + 1x5x25 = 253 lots. The chance that a mover of that coin wins a prize has now increased to 25/253x100% = 9.9%. 2.0

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