Scoring system

Five races count towards your overall score:

A. Team races
B. Fastest lap velodrome
C. 1-hour time trial
D. City-simulation-race (does NOT count)
E. 3-hour race
F. 6-hour race


Team races are a special case, see below.
For the other races, the scores are on the basis of finish order. The winner gets 25 points, 2nd 20, 3rd 16, 4th 13, 5th 11, 6th 10, 7th 9, 8th 8, 9th 7, 10th 6, 11th 5, 12th 4, 13th 3, 14th 2 and 15th 1 point.

Points are awarded in two classes: the open class and the combined partially faired and unfaired class.

The total number of points is calculated as follows:
Total = 1*A + 1*B + 1*C + 1*E + 1.5*F
where a racer much choose between race E or F.

Special case: team races

The idea of the team races is that you compete in a team of 3 or 4 against another team with riders of the same level. The race committee composes the teams, largely on the basis of the results of the elimination race.
For winning the teamraces themselves, you only need to beat the team that you matched to.
For the scores in the final ranking we look at the teamperformance in relation to all teams.

For the final ranking, you collect points via the team races as follows:

Race A1: elimination race
The final ranking on the basis of fastest lap determines the score in the usual way.

Race A2: relay race (estafette)
The finish time of your team determines team order. Members of the fastest team earn 20 points, of the 2nd team 10 points, of the 3rd team 6 points and of the 4th team 3 points.

Race A3: team pursuit
The finishtime of the 3rd rider in your team determines team order. Scores as in race A2.

The total score for the teamraces is calculated as:
A = 1/3*A1 + 1/3*A2 + 1/3*A3. 2.0

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